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Office Technology

Menibit will help you meet your office tech needs.  Ex. We are able to set up a private computer network with one printing point for all computers.  We help update your software, recommend the software suitable for your office use and on the kind of work you do. We put in place backup services and antivirus software for your computers.

Computer Services

Menibit provides services that make sure your computers are working and are connected, and are able to have an electronic mailing system. Menibit provides computer maintenance and management services locally and remotely. 

CCTV Technology

Menibit installs a CCTV system for your business/ residential building that will allow you to have access and view your premises remotely on a mobile device.

Digital Sign

Menibit works with you to have a modern digital sign for your organizations and businesses through a vendor to get the best outdoor sign that will display information you want to the public.

Web Design

Menibit designs and develops your needed website at an affordable cost that will serve and provide information to the public about your organization, business and institutions etc.


Menibit IT Solution Inc is available for your computer network design and network cable management.

Cloud Management

Menibit will work with you in providing a Cloud service through an affordable but best Cloud service provider that will meet your needs.